Approved Training Supervisors

The following is a list of BCPN-approved Training Supervisors who have been deemed eligible to train recipients of BCPN training programs.  

View PDF for the approved area of research for each of the training supervisors.

If you would like to be added to this list, please provide the following information. 

A BCPN-approved proteomics training supervisor must be able to:

  1. demonstrate a track record in proteomics research,
  2. demonstrate a track record in student supervision of proteomics research, or evidence that the laboratory can provide such a training environment if a new faculty member is within the first 3 years of an academic appointment, and
  3. provide (directly or indirectly) the necessary equipment to train a student in the proposed area of proteomics research. 

Sub-disciplines of proteomics research include mass spectrometry, protein and biomarker identification, protein-protein interaction networks, quantitative proteomics, bioinformatics, post-translational modification, metabolomics and glycomics.  Please send a written summary of your qualifications as a proteomics supervisor including the specific proteomics sub-discipline for which you are seeking approval to info(at)